Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

However, if you have any questions that remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

The basis for temporary employment is a legal and tariff-compliant employment relationship between Contime and the potential employee.

In the next step, Contime (lender) concludes an employee leasing contract with one of its customers (hirer) and transfers the employee's work to the customer company. The duration can be set in advance or indefinitely, but this has no influence on the duration of the employment relationship.

By signing the temporary employment contract, the borrower assumes the right to issue instructions at the respective plant or assembly site, as well as the duty of supervision (e.g. in the context of occupational safety) of the Contime employee. There is no direct contractual relationship between the employee and the borrower. In the context of the employment relationship, Contime is liable for all costs and reporting obligations arising from the contract (e.g. social and accident insurance) as well as payments to the institutions involved. The borrowing customer company pays a previously determined hourly rate for the hours actually worked by the employee. Contime is liable for the continued payment of remuneration in the event of illness, on public holidays and for the annual vacation days to which the employee is entitled.

Contime is responsible for the operational planning and the professional disposition of corresponding follow-up orders.

Interested applicants can contact us on all known communication channels with your application documents that are as informative as possible, using the direct route under the heading

"Apply now"

After exchanging information by telephone in advance, if there is mutual interest, an interview will be arranged in which the remuneration principle, requirements for the applicant and details of planned assemblies or existing assignments are compared.

If both partners come to an agreement with regard to cooperation, an employment contract is concluded at a specified time, taking into account the collective agreement and the correct classification.

The employee receives their work clothing and PPE (personal protective equipment), as well as the required initial training in the context of occupational safety.

Together, an employee profile is created which is used to introduce employees to the customer companies in advance.

Flexibility is our business and therefore short-term interviews and appropriate applicant management are the order of the day.

Basically, Contime only concludes permanent employment contracts.

At the request of the employee or in the case of exceptional qualifications, planned customer enticement or special assignments, there is the alternative of a fixed-term employment contract.

However, the transition to a permanent employment relationship is still not ruled out.

The currently valid collective agreements can be found under the heading "Download".

Contime is responsible for the utilization and the associated disposition of the employees.

Temporary non-use or an unforeseen end of use is not a reason for termination.

In mutual agreement, the above mentioned. If the working time account is used as a flexibilization instrument, which is part of the collective agreement of the employment contract.

  •     Remuneration according to IGZ / DGB collective bargaining agreement
  •     Extra-tariff allowances
  •     Difficulty and employment allowances (e.g. for assembly abroad, etc.)
  •     Open-ended employment contracts
  •     Triggering and reimbursement of expenses for assembly work
  •     Local allowances for regional assignments
  •     Overtime, night, Sunday and holiday allowances
  •     Mileage allowance or job ticket for regional assignments
  •     Company pension plan or economics from the 1st day
  •     Christmas & vacation pay according to tariff
  •     Job-specific further training (e.g. welding test)
  •     Individual employee support

Assignments within the framework of the plant support extend exclusively to the federal territory and here, if feasible, as close to the employee's place of residence as possible.

There are hardly any limits to the area of ​​fulfillment for assembly work and complete orders.

With the prior consent of the employee, the deployment can take place anywhere in the world.

Language skills are an advantage here, but not a requirement.

Under the heading "Projects" you can see pictures of some past projects in Germany and abroad.

The principle is to deploy employees as regionally as possible, but employment at Contime always requires a certain degree of flexibility and willingness to travel for our customers.

If the possibility of permanent employment with the customer arises from active temporary employment, we naturally do not stand in the way of a possible takeover.

However, it is advisable to have a clarifying discussion with the Contime HR department in advance, as in some cases a change brings financial disadvantages for the employee that are not apparent at first glance.

The basis for the correct remuneration is the corresponding classification when the employment contract is concluded.

The grouping is based on the activity to be performed at the customer's company and the associated requirements for the employee.

In principle, Contime only operates a skilled worker business, which has resulted in a balanced pay ratio.

Any discussions about minimum wages etc. are not an issue for Contime, as almost 100% of all employment relationships are paid above the collective bargaining agreement.

The introduction of the industry surcharges on November 1, 2012, based on the duration of the assignment and the respective comparable wage in the customer company, gradually closes the supposed gap between temporary workers and permanent staff in the customer company.

After just 6 weeks in the same assignment, the employee is entitled to percentage increases that can increase up to 90% of the comparable wage.

For more information, see the IGZ video on the subject and under the "Download" section.