Personnel placement / recruiting

Contime GmbH is a service provider for you, our customers, and for our team, the employees. From our location in Würzburg, we coordinate all scheduling, structural and personnel factors. Whether personnel service, assembly service or recruiting, the Contime group of companies can relate on proven structures at home and abroad.Our foundation is formed by an experienced workforce and a satisfied customer network. This gives us the security of being able to respond very individually and directly to the various requirements of our customers.

We would be happy to personally plan your next assignment with you, identify available skilled workers and take care of accommodation and legal matters.

Yes, not everything can be planned - but everything can be prepared!

For this purpose, our companies Contime GmbH and Contime Service cover all eventualities for you:

Sickness cases, order extensions, short-term planning changes or utilization peaks are just as unforeseen for us, but they are also an everyday part and incentive of our work. Thanks to many years of experience and motivated employees, we have been in contact with many customers for years and always strive for reliability and quality.

You should be able to rely on these elements just as our employees do.

Update 2020/2021:

In addition to our traditional areas of metal and electronics, we also provide medical specialists and doctors.