Topic: Occupational safety

For your safety and health at the workplace in customer operation. Safety and health are our ultimate goal. We want to provide a working environment that will maintain your health and performance in the long term. With the following information the company group Contime wants to sensitize you for a safe behavior in the field.

Work safety begins on the way to work

One of the biggest sources of danger in working life is not only in the execution of their job, even the journey to a project involves risks that can be countered with forward-looking driving, technical reviews and the detection of potential dangers.

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Work safety at the customer

Please read the following information carefully and follow the rules of conduct

  • You will receive instructions from the customer company to work safely at your workplace
  • Inquire about the locations of first aid boxes, fire extinguishers and escape routes
  • Remember the specified emergency numbers and the nearest telephone location
  • Find out about first responders, company doctors and the specialist for occupational safety at the customer

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Accident prevention

Familiarize yourself with the work and operating instructions and observe the instructions given for your safety.

Wear your provided PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). You are obliged to. Unusable and damaged PPE should be promptly replaced with your supervisor.

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Take your safety seriously!

You are insured with the VBG.
Work and commuting accidents must be reported to us immediately by telephone.
Every accident at work is reportable.

  • There is general alcohol ban
  • Do not enter a business location without authorization
  • Note access prohibitions
  • Do not block traffic and escape routes through your activity
  • Immediately eliminate or report visible defects or danger states
  • Use work equipment and equipment only for the purpose
  • Keep your workplace in order
  • Only use tools, operating equipment, machines and other work equipment if you are familiar with it or have been instructed and instructed.

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