Here you will find an illustrated selection of current and past projects.
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Montage Afghanistan / KAF

Construction of four residual waste incinerators
Supervisor assembly. Coordination of the individual trades as well as instruction of the assembly staff. Electrical installation, commissioning, test run and schools of operating and maintenance personnel. Production support.

Montage China / Jingmen

Construction of an electronic scrap recycling plant incl. Separation with a Contime Group assembly team. Measurement of the plant layout. Coordination of delivery, unloading and control of delivery. Mechanical installation of the system.

Werksmontage Deutschland / Karlstadt

Series assembly Feed units for the wood industry.
Incoming goods inspection, pre-assembly of the individual components, subsequent assembly of the individual units. Test run including acceptance report.

Montage Afrika / Ghana

Construction of a drying drum for the ceramic industry.
Supervisor assembly. Coordination of the individual trades, reduction of dimensional accuracy. Monitoring the installation.

Montage Schweiz

Complete assembly of flue gas pipelines for a sawmill.
Pre-assembly of the pipeline, introduction and positioning of the pipeline by crane to over 45m height. Weld pipes completely smoke-tight.

Montage Singapur

Presentation of assembly manager for a biogas plant - pipeline construction.

Instruction of the local assembly team, coordination of the individual trades. Monitoring and organizing the assembly process. Check and remove the welding work.

Montage UAE / Sharjah

Providing supervisors for the construction of a soil reclamation recycling plant.

Coordination of the individual trades, installation supervision of the individual components. Commissioning and test run.

Montage USA / Philadelphia

Supervisor Assembly of the first refrigerator recycling plant in the USA.

Outline of the layout, unloading and controlling the delivery. Instructing the on-site assembly team. Monitor and coordinate plant installation. Monitor the electrical installation.

Test run of the system. Commissioning and production support.